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Mariana Toledo


Nomadez was a Brazilian startup focused in making international student’s & schools lives easier.

Their tool connected both audiences: people looking for Schools around the world, and Schools accepting international students.

In this rapid experiment (3 days), I created the user flow and main screens of the tool.


An upgraded website, with new visuals and interactions, more attractive to its customers.

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  • Freelancer​
  • 2010
  • User Experience & Visual Design


Where do you want to study: this is the main question for students who are interested in study outside their countries.

To make it visually more attractive, the homepage has the most popular destination’s images at the background. The student can also check highlighted schools, specialized courses and top destinations.

Choosing a School

When the student choose the city where he wants to study, he is redirected to this page, with an awesome image from the city and some information about it, such as language, currency and population number. In this page, the student can also take a look in all schools from the database, filtered by type of course, popularity and ratings.

School Page

With the school selected, the student can see select the type of course, while it starts and duration and do a budget request. He can also check pictures from the school and see what other students says about it, with reviews and ratings, like Teachers, Staff, Atmosphere and Price. The School’s contacts information are always visible, so the students can contact the school directly.


This project took me three months to have it all done. From immersion, visual design conception, wire framing and design screens, this job also had lots of affection and learning involved, since the brand is part of my history, even before I decided to be a designer.


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