PSafe Lockbox

Lockbox is a product from PSafe Technology, company focused in the Brazilian market, development of its tech culture and digital inclusion growth. 

The product is a free, safe tool to store files in the cloud. Functional and reliable even in remote areas, file backup and online storage in the cloud, made for brazilian audience. The target of this project was to upgrade the interface to the brand’s new positioning in the market.

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The brand already had its own visual language but was cluttered and dated. I was responsible for the PSafe’s new online positioning, working on its UX and UI, the result is more attractive, efficient and cohesive.

I started to study and learned more about PSafe’s audience needs, restructuring the brand’s look and feel, improving the concept of security and tranquility to start a solid rebrand project.

This project included some of the following:

I’ve organized the thoughts and ideas about the brand and discovered a lot more about the company and its products. By talking to users, what they did and didn’t like in the oldest version.Putting all the brand’s values in notes, it was possible to create a concept that would be easily translated and perceived by the audience. 

Intro to moodboard: reate a good experience for the user, review the old and new functionalities to develop modern and clear visuals.


To create a new interface with more personality, that follows the brand’s new style, I took the institutional website asa base and adapted with its own style, aligned with the main brand. It had to be clean, clear and focus on the information, and interactions could be more obvious to the users: previewing, sharing or downloading.

In this brainstorm, some adjustments were made to improve the UX. The interface was first created for desktop and then web, tablet and smartphones. Functionalities to visualize uploaded files, and backup all the files stored all devices, such as contacts, calendar and documents too. The product could also work with a full backup for any device.  

Same information with a new interface with a personality, that follows the brand’s new style,
I took the institutional website as a base and adapted with its own style with the brand’s essence.

puzzleCreated with Sketch.

Minimal Design guides the user to the relevant information and functionality of the product without extra distractions.

pyramid-schemeCreated with Sketch.

The disposition of elements and their relationships are clearer and intuitive to the user.,


The new typography is designed to web, is easy to read, and has a fast download time, following W3C accessibility recommendations.


Elements follow standards across pages with no variations: colors, typography, blocks of information.

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It was great to work with a in-house team, stakeholders and users directly, for two months, all teams were hands-on into the project, to come with a great result that would be appreciated for the ones who were already using it, and for all the new many more the new design would bring.


Maybe just drop a line to grab a coffee & talk business! 🤷🏻‍♀️