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The Stanford School of Earth, Energy & Environmental Sciences (Stanford Earth) develops the knowledge, talent, and leadership to understand the changing Earth, to assist in solving the resource and environmental challenges in the world.

The School requested to have its business identity aligned with the digital environment, bringing innovation & tradition to their multiple audiences, creating a better, more cohesive experience.


The main challenge was to consolidate the existing fragmented experience into a new, unified digital identity. Stanford Earth’s ideas were not presented clearly, the interface was dated and not intuitive, impacting the time spent on the website and having few returning users.


Stanford Earth became the forerunner of the university’s digital presence. A modern, functional, award-winning website was designed showcasing its personality & curriculum, reaching out to multiple types of audiences, and bringing its sense of community to the digital environment.



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Best Website in Science, 2018



Best Home & Welcome Page, 2018

As a Lead Product Designer, my role was to translate the School’s environment into the digital world by redesigning the experience, tailoring it for its various types of audiences with a bold interface that showcases the innovation and field exploration present in the School’s curriculum. ???

Discovery & Exploration
To present the breadth and depth of excellence and innovation that happens at Stanford and in the School of Earth Campus, the design and development teams and stakeholders worked together to deliver a cohesive, functional and eye catching experience.

By interviewing faculty staff, undergraduates and graduate student, the _similarities_ were prioritized and categorized. By defining and connecting relevant school topics and user needs, Stanford Earth’s project had a unique approach to be relatable to all types of audiences: its sense of community.

The data from the existing website gave a better understanding of user engagement with different features and pages, and what kind of information students were more interested in, and where they were losing our audience. 

II Identity/Personality

To bring the School’s everyday life and use of bold imagery and campus life were highlighted, along with students and staff stories, events, careers, and field opportunities. 

Opting for a clean, modern, structured look and feel, creating a consistent experience

Prominent typography and color contrast were kept in mind for better legibility and accessibility results, bringing existing assets under the same roof, with a refreshed foundation, reflecting their core, trends and technology objectives in a scalable and consistent application.  

V Responsive & Systems

With a versatile and intuitive interface, the website was optimized for accessibility and responsive situations. The content can be consumed on virtually any screen size or resolution. They are now able to easily create and modify pages within a framework that ensures that the site always renders to the end user perfectly across all devices. 

The design was implemented using Drupal technology, allowing the client to fully customize components and create new pages in the back end. 

The challenge here was to make sure that we were covering all business needs while still giving the flexibility to Stanford School to add and adapt its content, showcasing information in an elegant, yet, informative way.


crafting better stories through content flow by creating individual components that served to create multiple and page structures.

3 devices

Final Results

The website brings  technological advancement and thought leadership of the school, while honors the School commitment with the students, their everyday lives and accomplishments. 

The familiarity and approachability play on the awareness of the Stanford Earth Community. More human, it openly expresses member’s knowledge, influences and creates aspirations, while telling the member’s stories.

The new digital presence positions the school to be seen as a source of cutting-edge thought leadership & supports their goals.

Stanford Earth Homepage Desktop

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Senior Product Designer with 15+ years of experience, working with Research, Strategy, Branding, User Experience & Visual Interfaces.

My first contact with design in the early 90s, and improved my skills by getting a Bachelor’s degree in Interactive & Digital Media, which taught me a lot of aesthetics, art history, psychology, interaction design, to better understand businesses, its requirements and how to translate its core values to digital products.

Graduated in Digital Design, and specialization in Interactive Medias in 2008 in São Paulo, Brazil, transplanted to the Bay Area in 2013.

I still have the curiosity of a kid, finding inspiration everywhere, to solve problems through compelling ideas, positively impacting users, using innovation to create interactive experiences that can lead positively to shape our future.

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