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I enjoy partnering with brands that reflect my enthusiasm for innovation, culture, and experimentations, connecting the audience to meaningful solutions, using good design as a tool to empower companies’ growth and community development.

I’m passionate about emerging technologies & social good, advocating User Experience Design from end to end, empowering teammates in collaborative settings, as a leader with a big heart.

I graduated in Digital Design, and specialization in Interactive Media in 2008 in São Paulo, Brazil, and was transplanted to the Bay Area in 2013.   I’ve been working worked as a Web Designer & Art Director, and was proudly involved in projects for a wide variety of environments including startups, tech companies & digital agencies with clients in United States & South America, such as:

I’m Pixel’s dog mom, like to build stuff, sew my outfits and explore IoT possibilities.

Some of my work was recognized and awarded in the field, such as San Francisco Affordable Housing Project (,  Shorty’s Social Good best website, and Stanford Earth (, as a Webby honoree for best homepage 


& Recognition



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