Bonfaire wan an online shop with a different approach: give its subscribers access to exclusive, next season’s hard-to-find Design items, including exquisitely made jewelry, shoes, handbags,  accessories, and access to its story. 

New collections would launch daily, and customers would have a week to place the order.

As a freelance, I was in charge of getting the marketing materials from the soon to be featured brands, and adapt their campaign to Bonfaire’s platform. I was also in charge of the website’s experience by studying the market and the audience’s shopping habits.

Online Store with Stories

Bonfaire would launch different designers collections daily, and I had to capture the brand essence very quickly, to work on its art direction, and adaptation for Bonfaire standards.

By picking eye-catching products and special features, translating the collections to different types and storytelling formats. 

Part of my role was to determine how highlight products, features, collection and designer and brand’s essence in the website’s homepage, emails, and social networks. 

At the bottom of the email, it’s showed a collection’s sneak peek, with a little description of the brand and what to expect of this collection. The top products are shown near the and the designer image and something that represents the collection’s inspiration. The email has another link to see all products that are launching at the day at the bottom.

In this version of every day’s email, I’ve included a short line showing the launching collection name, dedicated to the customer; it shows how the company knows everyone who buys from the website. The user now has the option to visit the homepage of the new collection or click on the top menu, which redirects the user to other collections, specific categories, and even the user’s favorite products.

When luxury is the subject, the details are the most important part for shoppers, especially jewelry. In every collection, the website would bring a closer look to the pieces to customers, emphasizing which materials are used in its construction, and its specifications, as dimensions and weight as well.

Redesigning Main Pages

 Keeping the minimalism from the Brand, balancing visual elements, and proposing new conceptual and visual features with a seamless and fluid navigation to get a higher level of engagement from visitors.

It’s not usual to have the opportunity to learn more about the ideas and inspirations that made products to come to “life”.  

Every collection has a history, is the result of the design process: the designer creativity transformed into something tangible. 

Bonfaire had a special treatment for every designer – well known or not. All collections have a dedicated page about the brand’s history and inspirations. 

This page design had the brand’s biography and featured products (available for purchase). 

The history behind the collection is brought to users in various forms: videos, texts, pictures, slideshows, previous collections, sketches, and quotes: everything about the brand’s essence is recognized at this section.

These new pages were designed to present some different points of view of seasonal trends. 

The “Python” trend: the material is highlighted with pictures of real snakes mixed with products and a paragraph about the trend history, and ways to better combine different styles of the same trend. 

The “Man Repeller” is a page curated by a trendsetter. It brings influencers, showing their personality, seasonal preferences and favorite products available at the website. The trendsetter point of view is essential for the construction of the page, that contains the person’s quotes, pictures, a short bio, and highlights of his/her lifestyle.

The sales page is the most important one, it’s when conversion can happen. There was an opportunity to make it more delightful and attractive.

The product’s picture is the page’s spotlight, oversized and blended to the background, subtle enough to make the page more inviting and immersive to the user. The product’s materials, dimensions, different views color and size options are accessible to the user in this view.

The brand is also showcased, with a special note from the designer. The user has the option to be redirected to the current collection and designer pages, and learn in depth about the design process and trends.

This page design and composition is based on storytelling, making the user interested in making a the purchase for the product and its history: by scrolling, the user learns more and feels the investment made on this purchase even more valuable.



Senior Product Designer with 15+ years of experience, working with Research, Strategy, Branding, User Experience & Visual Interfaces.

My first contact with design in the early 90s, and improved my skills by getting a Bachelor’s degree in Interactive & Digital Media, which taught me a lot of aesthetics, art history, psychology, interaction design, to better understand businesses, its requirements and how to translate its core values to digital products.

Graduated in Digital Design, and specialization in Interactive Medias in 2008 in São Paulo, Brazil, transplanted to the Bay Area in 2013.

I still have the curiosity of a kid, finding inspiration everywhere, to solve problems through compelling ideas, positively impacting users, using innovation to create interactive experiences that can lead positively to shape our future.

Awards & Recognition

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