Creating the experience & visual interface for
Bay Area Rapid Transit Mobile Application

BART Trip Planner was created with the intention of becoming closer to its riders, by helping them planning their way around San Francisco Bay, staying up to date with the public transportation system’s news, real-time alerts & service information.

Information displayed in bite-sized, and trip is shown step by step with live updates.

BART is a public transportation system in the San Francisco Bay Area, California, the US’s 5th busiest. Until 2018, the primary way used to communicate with users was through Twitter.


To create an app with a reliable interface and fluid experience, for users plan their travels around the bay, resulting in a good acquisition to collect better data and provide a better transportation service.

In this project, Exygy teamed up with TranSight and BART teams in brand, research, marketing and development. The app, launched in 2018 was designed by me, and the screens shown in this case study were updated visually, as a personal project.


The project started by analyzing business needs & development requirements, laying out relevant information.

Extracting insights and understanding the most critical areas to design the application, highlighting user pain points, based on client’s requests. This iterative process was the base for creating user flows and journey maps.Looking at main competitors as a way to spot differences in hierarchy. The following flowchart exposes the synthesis of the research.

Final Results

BART Trip Planner has an intuitive navigation, 

 Standing out from competitors, bringing BART established brand, content from BARTable, Twitter, and BART Watch app, making it easy to contact security in stations while still focusing on the app’s core features. Connecting with timetables from more than 30 transit agencies.

Following accessibility standards & supporting multiple languages and alphabets.


Modular framework for a flexible and consistent interface.


Using the user location, pointing it on the map and highlighting the closest BART station, with real-time trains arrivals and departures.


Interactions are task-focused, eliminating decision points and using one clear call to action.
Native gestures and behaviors commonly seen in map apps optimize the user experience, creating consistent and non-disruptive navigation.

Final Results

The visual elements created for the app brings the brand identity and its usage in stations and pamphlets to the screen.

New BART app offers exclusive
features for hassle-free travel

The best apps for navigating
public transit in the Bay Area

A good solution to help us
navigate a challenging route

Trip-planning across California’s Bay Area is getting easier for anyone with the BART app


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