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I’m Mariana, a curious, proactive, purpose-driven Product Designer who is passionate about emerging technologies & social good, advocating UX design across all fields of work, empowering teammates in collaborative settings, as a leader with a big heart.

For the past decade, I worked with visual arts and communications to provide artistic sensibility and knowledge to problems I’m passionate about. 

I have the encouragement and willingness in developing interactive products, sharing my skills and experience in the field, from the conception of new products to its final look and feel, crafting engaging & functional experiences to positively impact users, our society and shape the future.

Make it simple, but significant.

– Don Draper


Senior Product Designer with 15+ years of experience, working with Research, Strategy, Branding, User Experience & Visual Interfaces.

My first contact with design in the early 90s, and improved my skills by getting a Bachelor’s degree in Interactive & Digital Media, which taught me a lot of aesthetics, art history, psychology, interaction design, to better understand businesses, its requirements and how to translate its core values to digital products.

Graduated in Digital Design, and specialization in Interactive Medias in 2008 in São Paulo, Brazil, transplanted to the Bay Area in 2013.

I still have the curiosity of a kid, finding inspiration everywhere, to solve problems through compelling ideas, positively impacting users, using innovation to create interactive experiences that can lead positively to shape our future.

Awards & Recognition

Acquia Engage
Digital Bridge Builder
Brazilian         Designer         Dog Mom         IoT Enthusiast         Seamstress         VR Athlete         DIYer         Redditor         Foodie        

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